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04-May-13: Architecture
26-Feb-13: Chilehaus
10-May-13: Street
24-Nov-12: Flowers
21-Aug-12: Travel
10-May-13: Other
日本 (Japan) 2012:
24-Nov-12: Japan Color
03-Dec-12: Japan Black & White
03-Dec-12: Takasaki, Japan
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Other galleries

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Diving and travel with Scubakids

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Underwater Photography and Diving

Manta under water

New galleries:

Diving the Straits of Tiran, Egypt, March 2012
Diving Ras Mohammed, Egypt, March 2012

More underwater galleries on

If you are looking for my diving website please go to Scubakids. Scubakids is a website for fundivers and their friends, mostly based in Thailand and South East Asia. You will find lots of information especially about the Phuket area and Phuket and Phi Phi divesites as well as pictures from Egypt and the Maldives.

See for details.